The life story of a pot.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Response to a matter of interest to anyone who reads this blog.

Hmm, my owner has decided to take a break from using her laptop so here I am again. She doesn't do this very often except when she goes off to eat/sleep/bathe, though.

Anyway, she tells me that some of her friends think I am not real! I do suppose it is rather strange; a pot being able to form coherent thoughts and even have a blog, but I think being somewhat of a deviation from the norm might have something to do with it.

Oh well, no matter what they may think, here I am and here is my blog, and here is a handkerchief to blow my nose at anyone who doubts my existence. Poo.

Of course, I only meant that figuratively. You don't really believe I have a nose, do you?


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