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Saturday, April 30, 2005

An interesting link I would like to share with you

Hello again! The other day I found this link on the Internet:

Jamie Oliver's range of cookware!

The pots in that catalogue sure are looking good. I am quite envious of the pots in the photograph as well. I mean, it must feel really good to be manipulated by such a cool and skilled chef. And he has such nice hands, too.

My owner says that is "just wrong" but I still don't get it. She has also refused to tell me what is wrong. I am rather confused.


Anonymous anyasy said...

There's nothing wrong with admiring somebody's hands. ^^ Your owner is pretty weird, don't listen to her.

4:47 PM

Blogger s w said...


5:13 PM

Anonymous anyasy said...

weird, weird girl~~~ o_o

10:25 PM

Blogger Justine said...

Heard of Jamie's new book that is getting emailed about in word format?

7:46 PM


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