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Saturday, May 07, 2005

An update!

Hello once again! It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog, I know, but my owner has been pretty peevish lately and refused to let me use her laptop. I think it must be because she has been downloading some important files, perhaps. I couldn't get a good look at them because the laptop is pretty standoffish. It seems to have this idea that it is a superior piece of machinery than I am. I do suppose it is true, though. However, this just makes it more difficult for me to blog. No worries, though, I think its attitude is tolerable enough in exchange for the ability to post my thoughts online. Blogging is fun!


Anonymous another pot owner said...

hello! i'm mich's (one of your owner's) friend and i thought you might be interested in meeting my pot. he's always in the kitchen though and isn't sure how to use a computer or even type, so here i am.
this photo's one of him with his pals, the saucepan and mineral water bottle. comments doesn't let me embed objects so here's the link:

as you can see, he's been through some tough commando-styled training by us and has a few battle scars.

5:22 AM

Blogger A. Pot said...

Oh wow! A new friend! thank you mich! Could you help me relay my greetings to your pot?

He sure has been through much more than I have. I somehow get the feeling I am being under-used. Oh well. I wish your pot all the best in his training!

3:47 PM

Anonymous mich said...

Ehehehehe np ;)
Who knows, you might be able to meet the other pot ;D

3:44 AM

Blogger A. Pot said...

Yes, perhaps that might happen one day, though my owner says she doesn't particularly relish the idea of bringing a pot outside. Oh well.

12:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:02 PM

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